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The last two years showed us that we could work remotely, and it should be the default for every company.

Our goal is to become the biggest board, where people can find the best remote jobs for mobile developers.

People should be paid equally no matter where they are located, and everyone should increase their income.

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Increase your income.

In most of the countries, the salaries are at the same level. That means that once you reach a certain number, it is hard to grow above that even if your experience is better and you provide more value. If you have a remote job, you can increase your monthly income by spending less or have a pool of more options.

Work from anywhere in the world.

Wouldn’t it be great to travel where you want and have a great work-life balance? Imagine you travel to your favourite countryside where you enjoy a quiet and peaceful evening after work. If you like snowboarding and you go to the mountains, you can hit the slopes in the morning and then code for the rest of the day at maximum capacity.

Work for great companies which are not available in your country.

Some countries have more companies than others because of taxes, talent, and other reasons. It’s good to have a big pool to choose from and work with people from all over the world.

About me


image for about me story of dragos ivanov

My name is Dragos, I’m an Android developer located in Eastern Europe, Romania, and I used to work for an outsourcing company located in Bucharest. 

Before the pandemic, I was not allowed to work remotely ( for security and other reasons, etc.) even if the project I was on was for a United Kingdom company. 

Then guess what happened? For more than 1 year, I worked from home without any issues. Not only me, over 1500 people from the same company.

During this period, I never thought that I could work independently for companies located in other countries. I heard about people who do it, but finding an Android position will be very difficult.

Meanwhile, on LinkedIn, I constantly received all kinds of job suggestions. All sounded nice, but when I asked about the salary, I noticed that most of them would not offer me more than 5% of what I was getting now.

I wanted to increase my income, but I had no safe solutions. One day I received this email where Brennan Dunn ( a big promoter of freelancing work ) told me about a new course. A few hours later, I bought it for $ 499. It was a lot of money, but I trusted him and his work, and I was not wrong.

One month later, after the course, I had two remote contract offers.

One that would increase my income by 50% and one that doubled my current salary. The offers were also for great companies. The salary part was great, but I also got lots of benefits like unlimited holidays, or E 1000 annual training etc.

I can’t tell you how happy I was, and then I thought I could help other mobile developers.

I have the process to find jobs. All I need is a list of people looking for the same thing as I was only one month ago.


Most frequent questions and answers

Currently, we only send remote full-time or contract jobs for Android developers.

Sometimes there might be jobs that are not found anywhere, but most of them are all over the internet. You can try and spend 5 – 10 hours per week searching for them, or you can subscribe to this newsletter.

Not really. I have a process to search for them manually. I learned it after I bought the course: Endless Clients

My goal is first to understand if developers find the jobs helpful and manage to change their lives. I have some monetization strategies in mind, like converting the website to a job-board where advertisers would pay for premium positions.

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